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Talia Ringer image Talia Ringer

Assistant Professor at UIUC

Email: tringer at

Vice President

and Selection Committee Chair

Caleb Stanford image Caleb Stanford

Incoming Assistant Professor at UC Davis

Email: cdstanford at ucdavis edu

Selection Committee

James Wilcox image James Wilcox

Email: jrw12 at

Topics: Mental health, working with external collaborators, professional networking, putting the "community" in "research community", advice on taking advice

Mae Milano image Mae Milano

Email: mpmilano at

Topics: Gender diversity, department climate, transphobia/queerphobia, student activism, advisor relationships, sexism/misogyny

Stephanie Weirich image Stephanie Weirich

Email: sweirich at

Topics: Any topic

Sukyoung Ryu image Sukyoung Ryu

Email: sryu.cs at

Topics: Any topic

Valentin Churavy image Valentin Churavy

Email: vchuravy at

Topics: Student-advisor relationships, navigating academia, work-life balance, mental health, student-institute relationships

Host Matching Committee

Ilya Sergey image Ilya Sergey

Associate Professor at NUS

Email: ilya at

Nadia Polikarpova image Nadia Polikarpova

Assistant Professor at UC San Diego

Email: npolikarpova at


Pulkit Katdare image Pulkit Katdare

Email: katdare2 at


We are generally looking for trusted and reputable community members who are interested in the mission of the program, have diverse and relevant experiences, and are sensitive and receptive to student needs and concerns. If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us.