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Selection Process


To be eligible, applicants should be PhD students in programming languages or a closely related area. Applicants should also be 18 years or older. Beyond these basic criteria, eligibility for the program is evaluated based on:

We expect these criteria to broaden to capture other research areas when we expand beyond the two-year pilot in the programming languages community.

Review of Applications

Applications are assessed by the selection committee on a rolling basis, first-come first-served while funding is available. In case of more applications satisfying all of the above (environmental need, interest, and financial need) than can be funded, applications will be prioritized based on the extent of need.

Support Offered

There are two different potential categories of funding depending on need: partial and full. Partial funding supports needs like travel, housing, and other incidental costs; full funding additionally supports the student for an RAship. Eligibility for these categories depends on student circumstances and need, as well as funding availability.